Terms of Service

Entries and received materials will be retained by the ADCE for exhibition purpose . The entrant agrees not to hold ADCE liable for any loss or damage to any materials submitted to the ADCE. If the work is requested for return (only for ADCE country members) the return of the material will be sent by international courier at the entrant’s expense.

The entrant grants permission to the ADCE to include entries in the 2022 Annual and to show or run the entries at such time as it may deem appropriate, with Gold, Silver, Bronze, Grand Prix, European Star, Genius Loci, Green Star & Equal Award winning work published on ADCE’s website www.adceurope.org.

Under no circumstances will an entrant or anyone claiming through or acting on behalf of an entrant, demand payment of any royalties from the ADCE following the use made of such entries or materials by the ADCE or its agents for whatever purpose.